Website marketing

Web marketing is not about quick wins, keyword tags, trickery, gimmicks or adwords. Successful web marketing is about building a holistic strategy that incorporates everything from social media to PR, from EDMs to link building.

Most of all, good websites have authentic, interesting content. There’s no point getting people to visit an average or confusing website. So the first step in web marketing is actually building an intuitive, lucid and engaging website. From here we get to the interesting stuff. The tree of internet marketing provides a great visual representation of the various aspects of website marketing.

Experience matters

With over 15 years of experience in the web sphere I have watched Google mature, seen facebook grow from a giant clumsy toddler into a larger clumsy adolescent, I have seen the rise of social media and the demise of SEO.  Having this perspective combined with a good dose of business sense has enabled me to devise web marketing strategies for a range of clients, from small law firms through to multinational medical companies. I can assist you with:
  • Digital strategy
  • SEO
  • Social media
  • Facebook pages and apps
  • EDMs
  • Campaign management
  • Social advertising
  • Web content writing