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Did you know that of all the marketing channels, both online and offline, Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) still proves to have the highest return on investment? In fact, email has a seven times greater ROI than ads or websites. However, you need an email strategy, which is where I come in.
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What is EDM Marketing?

EDM marketing is an electronic marketing campaign through the use of email send-outs. Think of it as the modern-day digital version of the traditional direct mail marketing (sent to your letterbox).

The reason EDM marketing is such a high-profit generator is that it has the lowest cost-per-acquisition. However, the email does not sell the product alone. Its primary objective is to get recipients to click on a link which takes them through to a landing page. It is here, on the landing page, where the selling is done. The landing page elaborates on the product/services features and benefits, perhaps with a photo, graphic or video of the item or experience.

For people to click on the hyperlink, they first need to open and read the email. This, believe it or not, is the hard part. How do we get people to open and read your emails? Great Email Copywriting. The writing of the email is an art form in itself, which is why I use professional email copywriters for my clients marketing EDM. From the subject line and heading to the body copy, every word counts as the real estate is thin here. Nobody likes to read a long email. Brevity is key here.

Measuring Email Campaigns

There are five essential email metrics I look at when monitoring your email campaigns:

  Bounce Rate

Percentage of emails that do not get delivered to the recipient due to an incorrect or inactive email address.

  Opt-out rate

Number of people who decide to opt-out of receiving your emails.

  Open rate

The percentage of people who click on and open your email.

  Clickthrough rate

CTR is the percentage of people who respond to your offer by clicking the hyperlink to reach the sales page.

  Conversion rate

The number of people who accept your offer, whether it’s a sign-up, free download, or to buy a product.


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