Wordpress Speed Optimisation

It is no secret that search engines penalise websites, included WordPress, for slow performance. This is because a slow website provides a poor user experience. We live in an age of instant online connectivity, and if your WordPress optimisation keeps a user waiting, they will in all likelihood click ‘back’ and check the next link in the search results. It is poor web etiquette to make users wait. Search engines, like Google, are obsessive about user experience (UX) and penalise slow websites as a result.

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Why do websites get slow?

Several factors contribute to slow website loading speeds. Common issues include having large, unoptimized images on your pages, using cheap shared web hosting and running too many plugins in your site framework.

WordPress performance can be dramatically impacted by running too many plugins – which often end up conflicting with each other – all trying to load before the page content is displayed. This causes a bottleneck which, from the user’s perspective, appears as a slow, non-existent or unresponsive web page. Fortunately, it is possible to optimise WordPress sites, so they perform at their fastest.

Other reasons why websites get slow include being hacked, misconfiguration (the theme or core framework is incorrectly set up), or the whole site is simply out of date and running on old software.

How do I speed up a WordPress site?

The first step is to analyse the site and discover key performance risks and strengths.

I often suggest deploying a CDN (content delivery network) so that images and scripts are served from a location close to your users. It may be the case that we need to physically relocate the site to a server near your core customer demographic. Often, however, through cache optimisation, code audit and software updates, we can dramatically increase website speed and responsiveness. Many times, merely optimising some of your large image files can make a world of difference.


Wordpress Site Speed

In my 20+ years in WordPress design & development, I’ve come to learn that your WordPress site speed is one of the defining factors in how your website ranks in search results. My WP speed optimisation service ensures that your WordPress site:

 Loads faster

 Improves UX

 Reduces bounce rate

 Pleases the Google Gods

 Ranks better


Wordpress Speed Optimisation Process

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