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Website Design

Web design is part art, part science, a good dose of psychology and a dash of common sense. Before you begin thinking about your website’s look and feel there are a number of steps that will enable you to deliver a powerful and engaging web experience that will make your message clear, memorable and enticing for web users. This is where I can help you.

Mobile Responsive Websites

Google made an important announcement in 2019 that it will switch entirely over to mobile-first indexing by September 2020. This means Google will rank sites on their search results based on the mobile version/user-experience. The reason for this is simple - more people now browse the internet on their mobile phone than they do on a computer. Therefore, you must have an excellent mobile-responsive website.

Conversion Optimisation

Much research has gone into website conversion optimisation. From the user-experience (UX) to A/B testing (testing what works, what doesn't), I know the psychological techniques and best practices to help you convert your website visitors to loyal customers.

Branded Web Design

Your business and brand are unique from your competitors, and this will reflect on your website. Imagine your ideal custom-built, fully branded website down to the graphics, imagery, layout, fonts and tone of voice/copy. You can have this and more.

End-user experience (UX) & Customer experience (CX)

Ultimately, my goal is to create a clear, clean and streamlined experience for your website visitors. We aim not only to convert your readers, but to engage them with your brand, return for repeat business, and talk about you to their family and friends.

Why does website design matter?

I like to think of website design like building a home for your business. It is called a home page, after all. When someone lands on your home page, you are opening the front door to your companies home. Whether you like it or not, visitors to your home make immediate judgements on your interior, style and décor. A well thought out, architecturally designed home wows and impresses your guest. Just as a well-designed website.

As you guide them through different corridors and various rooms, they learn more about you and what your home has to offer, much like the pages on your website. If your home page is the front door, then the contact, or sales page, is the back door. You will want to guide them on a seamless journey through your home, so by the time they exit, they are left fulfilled, satisfied and looking forward to their next visit.

As a result, you have impressed and made a new friend keen to engage with you again and again.

My Process

I am a big believer that if you want your website and brand to truly stand out, then you best avoid the "off the shelf/once size fits all" products. By this, I refer to template style platforms and standard WordPress themes. Your business is better than that. It is a unique and quality organisation that deserves a custom-built website design to match.

Technical SEO

We begin the process by analysing your target audience, your competitors and the keywords that will deliver the best performance. We then structure your web pages so that search engines understand precisely what your content objectives are.

On-page SEO

One of my professional SEO copywriters will write and optimise and content that’s required.

External & Citation Building SEO

Beyond page structure, we can help devise strategies for improving search engine rank by identifying link building opportunities, improving site performance and using social media to signal specific content relevance.

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