Facebook Pages & Apps

Love it or hate it, research has shown that facebook accounts for almost 2 percent of all internet traffic and almost 40 percent of all internet sharing. Getting your brand onto your customer’s timelines is invaluable for becoming more than just a company but becoming part of their lifestyle. 500 million global users, half of whom log on daily, make facebook the world’s most pervasive and important network and communications tool in history. Creating a useful and engaging facebook app follows the same workflow and methodology as building a website. I can help conceptualise, design, program and deliver a page or app that helps drive audience engagement and entertainment, effectively leveraging your brand in this exciting and changing channel. Games, promotions, competitions and interactive tools are the most successful of facebook applications. The power of facebook mobile and augmented reality is an area that is going to revolutionise how brands interact with consumers online. I am striving to lead this fast-paced area by developing facebook pages and apps that are creative, engaging and unique.