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Australia's premium and largest source of information and news about electric vehicles (EV), and the movement to zero emissions transport. The Driven is the place to go for the most up to date information and thoughts about EV transport if you are considering buying and/or interested to learn more about industry trends, new models and statistics. The Driven is hugely popular and respected by the automotive industry, with more than 350,000 unique visitors engaging with the website each month.<br />

In the dynamic realm of electric vehicles and sustainable transportation, The Driven faced a distinctive challenge. To spearhead the electric vehicle revolution, they needed a digital platform that not only mirrored their vision but also effectively engaged and educated their audience.



Our Solution

In collaboration with The Driven team, we embarked on a complete website creation. We conducted extensive user research, competitor analysis, and content audit to understand the needs and preferences of the EV community. We then created a fresh and modern design that aligned with The Driven's brand identity and values. We developed the website using CMS: WordPress, ensuring it was responsive, accessible, and secure. We also integrated various features and functionalities that enhanced the user experience and the organisation's impact.



How did we get there?

The collaboration materialised into a transformative digital hub. The Driven now boasts a website that captures the essence of the electric vehicle movement and effectively educates and engages its audience. Beyond the launch, our commitment endures, providing ongoing support, maintenance, and strategic enhancements to propel The Driven's mission forward.

Our journey unfolded through a strategic process:


Discovery: Understanding the vision, mission, and goals of The Driven and the challenges they faced.

UX Design: Crafting wireframes and screen designs that enhance the user experience and the brand identity.

Development: Executing the vision with precision using CMS: WordPress.

Maintenance, Support, and Management: Ensuring ongoing excellence in the digital realm.

Ongoing Digital Strategy: Elevating The Driven’s online presence continually.

Website Hosting on Dedicated Server: Providing a robust foundation for seamless performance.

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