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Intender, a dynamic media agency, entrusted us with the challenge of not just creating an online presence but crafting an experience that reflects their mission of making advertising useful, not annoying.

Intender sought a cutting-edge online identity to showcase their prowess in performance marketing solutions and technology. They envisioned a website that not only highlighted their expertise but also resonated with their audience, delivering a unique value proposition.



Our Solution

Our sleek and modern WordPress creation, meticulously designed to mirror Intender's aesthetic and vision. Our team ensured that every aspect of the site, from layout to functionality, encapsulated Intender's minimal yet bold aesthetic. We were able to craft a platform where users effortlessly navigate, explore, and discover more about Intender's services and team.



How did we get there?

Intender's brand now stands tall in the vast digital landscape, thanks to their cutting-edge, swift website. We've not only increased their brand awareness but have also firmly established their presence in the performance marketing realm. The site perfectly mirrors their mission—making advertising not annoying but genuinely useful.

How we achieved this:

  • Discovery: Delving into the core of Intender’s identity and mission.
  • UX Design: Crafting wireframes and screen designs that seamlessly embody Intender’s minimalistic yet bold ethos.
  • Development: Bringing the vision to life with a combination of WordPress and Code Ignitor.
  • Maintenance, Support, and Management: Ensuring ongoing excellence in the digital realm.
  • Ongoing Digital Strategy: Elevating Intender’s online presence continually.
  • Website Hosting on Dedicated Server: Ensuring a robust foundation for a fast and reliable site.

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