Email Marketing & EDM Development

Electronic Direct Mail is not dead. Intelligent opt-in email marketing remains one of the most effective tools for getting your message directly into the inboxes of your biggest fans, warm leads, and prospects. Recent research by Eloqua showed that over several quarters, email consistently drove more traffic than social. Marketers simply can’t ignore the power of the humble old email for the forseeable future!

The keys to successful EDM campaigns include:

  • timing – which days are most successful in terms of opens, click-throughs and conversions
  • design – how effective is your design at conveying your key message in the shortest amount of time
  • content – what are you sending your audience and why?
  • personalisation – did you know that simply using the recipient’s name in the subject increases opens and click-throughs?
  • gamification – can you use challenge / reward strategies to engage your recipients?
  • platform – how easy it for you to prepare and send your communications?
  • statistics – do you know what content works?
  • cost – is the cost of your EDM development worth the investment?

I provide access to industry-leading EDM platforms and can manage your EDM requirements from concept to design, from coding through to ongoing campaign delivery. Regardless of device or email platform I have successfully managed major EDM campaigns for multinational organisations. How can I help you?