Green Hosting

Exceptional performance and eco friendly

Green hosting is all about reducing our environmental footprint by choosing technology that is sustainable. We care about the impact digital technology is having on our planet and that’s why our web hosting service is located in one of Australia’s most environmentally friendly data centres.

Three tiers to suit most modern websites.

We believe in running green and trust you will appreciate the innovative, clean technology approach. Did we mention that our servers are state of the art and super fast? Minimising impact on the environment does not mean sacrificing performance and speed.

    • Basic

    • $30 per month
    • Free SSL Certificate
    • Syndey based servers
    • Unlimited Email Addresses
    • 5gb storage
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    • Performance

    • $60 per month
    • Free SSL Certificate
    • Performance Syndey based
    • Unlimited Email Addresses
    • 10gb storage
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    • Business

    • $90 per month
    • Free SSL Certificate
    • Lightning Fast Servers
    • Managed Multi-Environment
    • Global CDN
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We offer three tiers to suit most modern websites.

Basic for single brochure websites. Performance for small to medium size businesses with business-critical web requirements.Multi-environment hosting for mid to large scale websites with CDN. 3 environments including dev, test & live incremental backup as regularly as you wish

Join us in our mission to make the internet a greener place. Switch your current site hosting to us, or let us build your new website on a clean, streamlined infrastructure. Based in Sydney you can rest assured that your digital assets are safe and sound in Australia.

Offset carbon emissions

In addition to efficient server technology, carbon emissions are offset, so that your website is not increasing the amount of carbon in our atmosphere. It’s a small step that can make a big difference over time. Consider that a website running at full capacity can release up to one tonne of carbon dioxide per year. It is a silent and often unconsidered threat to the planet.

According to the Netcraft 2018 Web Server Survey there are now over 1.8 billion websites in existence. What we think of as cyberspace is not virtual – it is running on a very real electricity-powered infrastructure. Most of the power that drives the internet comes from coal-fired power stations.