I get many clients asking for an easy solution to update images / graphics on their website or email newsletters. There have been various tools over the years, more recently I’ve been recommending Canva as a tool that is not only very effective in giving my clients the control they want over their images, it’s also incredibly easy to use.

Canva dashboard

What’s even better is that there’s an integrated stock photo collection which works seamlessly with the provided layouts making it super easy for you to create unique graphics for your website or email newsletters in next to no time! Here’s where it gets really good, each stock photo is just $1, that’s right $1! So not only can you create awesome graphics in no time for free, if you would like to add stock photography to your images it’s one of the cheapest places online to get great quality images.

Step by step instructions on how to create your own custom image



If you have any questions or know of any other tools which are great for creating images online please let me know in the comments below. If you’d like an invite to Canva please also please also let me know as I’d be happy to invite you.